What is IZON 3 Agency?

Guiding the Global Sports and Entertainment Industries into Web3
We are a team of sports and entertainment professionals focused on innovative ways to bring your brand or idea to life in the new world of blockchain projects that include: Crypto, NFT's and the Metaverse at large. Our team will guide you into the new Web3 world to increase revenue in ways you never thought possible all while controlling and retaining ownership of your meta-destiny.
Most of the consumer buzz around NFT's (non-fungible tokens) is only on the surface and has to do with the sale of various forms of artwork as collectibles, but in reality an NFT can be the ownership of any digital asset or contract that may also provide special access rights, physical tokens or VIP experiences. Each brand, organization or event has its own unique opportunity to engage consumers and fans in ways to unlock revenue never before possible. Let the IZON3 Agency show you how!