Partnerships Strategy

We plan to create partnerships with all web2 and web3 brands that have a desire to integrate eco-systems...
*This document outlines the benefits provided through a strategic partnership agreement with Birdieland.
*Additional utility may be incorporated if agreed upon by both parties.
Birdieland is developing an eco-system that provides premium golf experiences using the scalability, security, and Fiat-to-crypto payment system that the Flow blockchain offers. Through our relationships in the sports and entertainment world, we will provide many projects with WL access, access to IRL events/experiences, access to Community AMAs, Product Discounts/Perks, and much more! Partners under the Birdieland umbrella will have access to certain and specific giveaways from Birdieland, IZON 3 Agency, and leveraged partnerships - We desire to be the change agent, so all partnerships will extend aspects of utility to verified community members, this will help us drive value to people at all levels while we educate them on blockchain tech/infrastructures.
Please Note: As we establish new partnerships we will continue to update the community and partner perks.
Please contact Myles Daughtry at [email protected] to discuss potential brand partnerships/ collaborations.